Mars 2020
Konsert med
Gotlandmusikens Orkester
Dirigent & Arrangör: Jakob Norin

21/3 Wisby Strand Kongresshall



When born on an island, with Baltic Sea around you and forever changing nature,

it’s easy to feel inspiration.


For many years Lee has been active on the live-music scene and as a singer-songwriter.

The lyrics tell a story from personal life experiences, which make it easy to feel the honesty that lies behind every word.


She has an open mind when it comes to explore creativity.

Boundaries and rules will only limit what you can accomplish. 

Over the years she’s been on different stages, in different costumes,
to never let the passion and love for music disappear.
Most recently on the theatrical stage where the music touch something new, something true.

“To be able to write songs and be creative you need to have a constant flow of meeting

new people, changing nature, not only in seasons but also in traveling.

You need new influences to get ideas and to develop yourself.”


- Lee Gotvik


  Music / Media  

That's Where I belong
Lee Gotvik / Tobias Fröberg

In Your Arms
Lee Gotvik 

Walk With Me
Lee Gotvik / Anton Engdahl



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